Pastor’s Heart

Pastor Randy Anson ImageThe Key to Life & Survival!  

John 15:1-7 (7)

The answer will not be a longer vacation, more leisure time, less work responsibilities or just opting out mentally and emotionally for most people. No the simple truth is for most, the answer is to spend time with Jesus!  To stay attached and grafted into the Living Son of God through the Holy Spirit is paramount to life and eternity,  for  our lives, and those whom we have influence .

God never intended that a onetime shot or season of spiritual vitality would be all the strength we need to get us through but a life time relationship with Jesus. Where His words are renewed and refreshed  in our lives from time to time,  frequently enough that we do not die spiritually. As sure as the physical body will die without water, so will your spiritual life die without Christ’s Spirit and Word actively working within you.

Regular occurrences of prayer, the word of God , contemplation while in the presence of the Lord, times of fresh repentance followed with renewed commitment,  all help to keep us “in Christ”.   So here is the deal , just do it!  One way or another, whatever it takes, whatever works for you just make sure you stay attached to Christ, His Word and His Love.  Don’t settle for excuses, don’t compromise for less. Truly seek relationship with Him and His Lordship. The truth be known they go hand in hand Matt 7:21-23.

Here will be the plumb line that will help you to abide in Christ — time.    Where your treasure is, your time will be prioritized for and with.  I didn’t say it will be regimented, a constant ritual, or  simply a discipline.
        It will be a way of life that comes from a clear commitment to
focus upon and be with and follow the Lord Jesus.  

Pastor Randy