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Christmas & Beyond!  

   Luke 2:1-7
From our perspective it was an exciting time!  A wonderful, glorious time when we perceive the goodness of God, the wisdom of God and totally His loving, sovereign care for mankind.  Yet at that given moment, I don’t think it appeared that way to Mary and Joseph! Somehow that young couple had to be deeply troubled and confused!  I mean they couldn’t even get a room, no less a mid-wife and some help and care!
With their bewilderment, pain and hardship on that first Christmas morning, there was the reality of Christmas’s beyond!  All the Christmas mornings to come!  The reality of eternity to come wasn’t fully known to them, yet the future would come.  The Son of God would be the Savior for the world, Mary and Joseph would be remembered through all the ages and ages to come and for generations mankind would celebrate with gifts and feasts, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.   Wow! And to think that first Christmas was such a mess!
Maybe your Christmas is a mess, things aren’t the way you would like or had planned, possibly your heart is broken, deeply troubled. Friend take a lesson about our Heavenly Father from the First Christmas.  Our loving heavenly Father is there, even if we don’t realize it and circumstances don’t show it!  He also has a plan and as we listen and follow Him, He will implement that plan!  Lastly He will take care of us!
The whole purpose in Jesus coming was so that provision could be made that man would always be able to be near God if he wanted to be!  That’s why Jesus could promise “I’ll never leave you, nor forsake you”.    You see it wasn’t about just that Christmas, but the ones “beyond” and the rest of eternity!   Your Christmas that is such a mess, has some “beyond” yet to come!  Grasp onto the hope that is found in Christ and keep going! 

Pastor Randy